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WhysAdvice Podcast

Host and Wingman

About WhysAdvice™ Podcast

The WhysAdvice podcast is a series of listener emails that detail the weight loss journey through their eyes. A collection of stories to inspire and entertain all while keeping you reminded of your goals.

Motivational Host and career military man Michael 'FatDag' Daggett has a veteran's handle on Weight Watcher lingo and logistics from meetings to reaching goal and beyond!

Ranked Top 5% with over 250 episodes ad 2.6 million downloads since launch on 3/14/17

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About FatDag

In 2016 I lost 91 pounds and completely changed my life! My weight loss journey failed when I focused on HOW. It wasn't until I switched my focus to WHY that I truly transformed myself.

Losing weight and getting healthy has nothing to do with luck. You have to remain disciplined and focused. Set your sights on your goal and go after it!

I currently lead two Weight Watchers® meetings per week and tour the US/Canada with a monthly 'Fun Run' in a city near you!

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Volunteer / Non-Profit

Folds of Honor Logo

Indiana Chapter President

About Folds of Honor

Folds of Honor is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to families of military men and women who have fallen or been disabled while on active duty in the United States armed forces. 

The Folds of Honor will award $20 million in scholarships in 2018

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Operation FatDag

Founder / CEO

About OperationFatDag™

The non-profit mission of Operation FatDag 501(c)(3)  is to facilitate United States Armed Services retention of those at risk of involuntary discharge due to failed physical fitness tests. We provide community support, and weight loss and fitness tools to such service members and their households.

Are you overweight in the military? You don't have to struggle alone!

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Active Military (Retiring 8/1/2019)

Superintendent, Recruiting & Retention

About the Indiana Air National Guard

The Air Guard is a unique military branch that offers opportunities you won't find in any other organization. Everyone has their own reason for joining - the training, the flexibility, the extra paycheck, but it's the sense of purpose, and the pride of serving your community and country, that will make you want to stay.

If you would like to learn more about joining the Air National Guard please let me know.

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